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DevDiary: Future Updates

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Hey Anglers,

The whole Fishing Planet team is passionately working on the new features. This season will definitely be exciting for all players. We are delighted to open the curtain slightly and tell you more about what's coming on the air in the following months.

Today we will briefly introduce Clubs, Saltwater Location, New Fishing Mechanics, and Fishing Together. These features are tremendous and highly anticipated, so we decided to make it a series and dedicate one of the upcoming diaries to each segment. So stay tuned; we have lots to share.

But first of all, we want to say thank you to our Community! Your feedback is the basis for the development of The Fishing Planet game. You inspire us to push the boundaries and keep converting the passion for online fishing we all share into our game.

Now let's jump in and review every new feature we prepare for you.

Saltwater location



As you know, we are working non-stop on our first Saltwater location. There is a lot of hype about it, and many of you have tried to guess where it will be on the globe. Let's see whose guess was the closest :)

Our future location is a water area around a small island in the southeastern part East China Sea. Fishing on this island is possible all year round due to the warm climate, but autumn and spring are considered the most favorable times as typhoons might occur in the region in summer, and fish activity decreases in winter.

The East China Sea around the island has a significant water exchange with the Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean, so you can expect incredible biodiversity and exciting challenges in catching all the fish.

Saltwater is on its way. We look forward to telling and showing you more about it and will dedicate one of our next DevDiaries.

New fishing mechanic

There is one more thing we are very excited to implement in Fishing Planet, new fishing mechanics - pulling-up.

The angler can easily spin the reel at maximum speed when fishing for small fish. However, as the size of the fish increases, it becomes more and more difficult to spin the reel. A certain threshold occurs when the force is applied at a heavy load. We are doing our best to reduce side effects and expand your fishing experience by bringing in a new pulling-up mechanic. Upgrade your skill set with a new pumping technique and catch the biggest fish like a pro. 

Fishing together


We create a new type of boat for sea fishing with additional characteristics. Most importantly, new boats must be more significant and faster than the existing models because they must be stable in open water conditions of the ocean and sea.

Having the bigger boat at your disposal means you can take your friends on board and go on the fishing adventure together.

And last but not least, we prepared for your few really useful updates!


With this new feature, you will be able to create your own clubs and hold regular events. Undoubtedly, it will help you connect with your friends and fishing enthusiasts to experience the world of online fishery to the fullest. Team up with a name and logo, create the unique identity of your club, and share your knowledge and experience. While fishing together in your club room, you will be gaining experience points but also will be able to help your mates out by exchanging baits and fish markers. Just like in real life, fishing with your friends becomes an event you are looking forward to where you can strategize, exchange your knowledge, and, of course, get lots of fun hanging out with like-minded people.

This massive feature is in its final stages of development, and you will get to it in the upcoming months.

Anti-cheat improvements

The last feature might sound less exciting than the previous ones at first, but it's extremely important to the overall impression. Due to the increase in the number of cheating and exploiting the game mechanics, we have completely revised our anti-cheater policy and improved the anti-cheater system in the game, including crucial technical improvements. Thank you all for your reports and suggestions and for helping us improve Fishing Planet! 

The Fishing Planet Team is here to keep developing the best fishing simulator in the world, and we are incredibly grateful to our Community for sharing this passion! We thank you for bringing your impact to the table by giving us feedback, reporting bugs, being active in the Community, and sharing your knowledge with fellow players.

In the upcoming DevDiaries we will get back to you with more information about new features! 

Stay tuned.


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Yeeeees please big big fish like marlin, swordfish, sailfish, tuna, halibut, goliath grouper, barracuda, common mahi-mahi and sharks would be so awesome. Thank you for your hard work.

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Cool for skool.......... looking forward to it, be nice if we could personalise our boats a bit (A boat yard? personal paint job, name, rod holder placement etc) even if it was just giving the boat a name of our choice........ any chance you could raise the avatar seating position in the  Garry Scott™ Dráco™ Boat, so we have a better field of view?

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Hello. It would be nice if the devs presented a road map, i.e. when and what update will be, of course, indicative. And is there anything known about other improvements like trophy rom or daily quests. And of course, congratulations to the creators.

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