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DevDiary: Future Updates


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Doing stuff every few years is no way to update anything. I lost interest a long time ago and this is an update for guys with massive levels. I'm not grinding away on the same garbage a few more years to just fo the same tired stuff in a different location. These updates are just cash grabs. No thank you. I predict you'll see this in maybe another year or 2, seeing as its already been talked about for a very long time. Just trying to keep players around that have lost interest in the same repetative junk. They donr even update their yearly events

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Patience is a virtue and we now know that its second quarter of this year most likely and its all done and being polished as FP said, this is not a big company like EA so things take longer and the country this company is in kind of has a war going on which might or might not affect things? I was told it did a-little?. Blue Skies

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