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Welcome Live Bait Fiesta Cup 2023!


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We would like to welcome all fishing experts!

This May, we encourage you to take part in the Live Bait Fiesta Cup!

Prepare your bottom and match gear, as well as your favorite boat. You can leave your rodstand at home — you won't need it. When using a boat, remember that only fish caught from the shore will count.

The winner will be the one who, at the end of the tournament, will demonstrate a catch with a maximum weight of their ten heaviest fish.

During the tournament, you will travel through three wonderful warm countries of South America and visit reservoirs surrounded by tropical jungles and inhabited by unique fish of impressive size and color.

You will take an exciting fishing trip to the Peruvian Lake Maku-Maku, the waters of the Amazonian Maze in Brazil, and the Marron River, which flows through the Bolivian rainforests.

These places with their amazing flora and fauna attract sport fishing experts from all over the world. This means that in this tournament, you will face real fish-hunting pros! The harder the fight, the more significant the victory, as well as the title of Champion and well-deserved prizes: sizable amounts of Credits, Baitcoins, and unique items of equipment!

Best anglers will get unique tackles as a reward: X-Series Omega 310, LBFC Fiesta Champion Cap, X-Series TornadoMax 10000

Stay tuned and don't miss the registration date for the Live Bait Fiesta Cup!

Registration of tournament participants begins on May 15 at 18:00 and lasts one day, until 18:00 on May 16. The tournament takes place from May 16 through May 21.

Tournament schedule dates:

  • May 16–17 — first qualifier on the deep-water lake Maku-Maku in Peru.
  • May 17–18 — second qualifier in the Amazonian Maze in Brazil.
  • May 18–19 — third qualifier on the foggy Marron River, amidst the Bolivian jungle.
  • May 20 — semi-finals on the Marron River in Bolivia.
  • May 21 — tournament finals in the Amazonian Maze, Brazil.

Also, we need to remind you that it is strictly forbidden to participate in the tournament with two or more accounts! Violators will be excluded from the list of participants and temporarily restricted from all in-game activities and participation in competitions and tournaments.

Tight lines!

Do not miss an opportunity to get everything you need in New Live Bait Fiesta Pack!


 Steam               PS America                PS Europe                    Xbox


We wish you good luck and victory!







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