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New Inshore fishing spots/saltwater expasion


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I am a avid fisherman in real life and when im not fishing IRL im on fishing planet on my down time. my favorite location by far is Blue Crab Island, but my only issue is the lack of species of fish that would bring the fun to the game even more. like adding sea trout(speckled trout) since they do get so big ( TX record is 36inch 14lb). other fish that are highly missed are like the blue fish, cobia, sail fish, spanish mackerel, amber jack and giant trevally along with goliath grouper even also a very fish to catch called Sheepshead. i know yall are currently working on a offshore saltwater expansion location with allot of new species but i did want to possible bring this up to yall. You could make a new location inland to the U.S from like the Florida coast to Texas or even up the easter coast of the U.S and have a fishing from the beach experience and possible wading style fishing that has a pier to fish from as well like Blue Crab but it be prominently from the beach and if you wanted to fish from a boat you could catch king fish and other larger fish that are in deeper water like black fin tuna or red snapper and other grouper based fish with other breads of sharks too. Blue Crab gives you a inland marsh feel with a little saltwater experience, but i feel this would set the game of even higher and bring more attention to the game as it would be a great addition.

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This would be great!  I miss fishing in the Florida intercoastal waterway, Indian River lagoon.  Seatrout, ladyfish, Spanish Mackerel, red Drum, mangrove Snapper, sail cats, Jack crevalle.  And a chance at a Snook, king fish, Cobia, or tarpon, I never had the gear for them though.  A location with an ocean side beach for surf fishing, an inlet with jetties out to deeper water, and an inland side brackish lagoon or river with sand islands, mangrove swamps, and seagrass beds would be really cool!

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