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Constant loss of connection to the server!

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I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but hopefully, I can get some help here.  I am playing FP on PC from the MICROSOFT Store.  Now, I normally play it through STEAM, but I have some friends that play on Xbox and I would like to see them in the game.  But the Microsoft version of FP is incredibly unstable on my PC.  It losses connection to the server constantly, making the game almost unplayable. Since I have played the STEAM version for almost 1000 hours, and have not had this problem on this same PC and connection, I can only assume that the issue lies with the Microsoft version of the game.  I am hoping that someone here can give me at least a direction on where I can get some help solving this issue.  

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I have emailed FP support, but they are choosing to play the "Pass the Buck by Blaming the ISP" game.  If my ISP was the problem, it would affect the Steam version as well, but the Steam version runs fine, so it is not my ISP.  I play plenty of other online multiplayer games with my ISP with no issue.  I found a group on Facebook and they all say the Microsoft version is crap and the only solution is to buy an Xbox.

It is so sad that a company care so little about supporting a game they put out. I know how to fix this issue for them.  It is a simple matter of not demanding a constant internet connection.  Just add a nice buffer to the game so that if there is instability in the connection the game does not COMPLETELY CRASH!!  There, problem solved. No charge. 

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