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DevDiary: Club Leagues


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Hey Anglers,

Welcome to another page of our diary series about the upcoming updates!

Today we're excited to unveil the key component of The Clubs System: The Leagues. 

Every angler has their own path and goals, but we all know that competitive spirit drives most of us to achieve more, and Leagues will keep your club members at the forefront of their fishing prowess!

So, get ready to reel in your excitement and join us as we dive into what's coming your way next!




The League is a leaderboard of club competitions results in the Championship during the Season and the way to compete with the best anglers while being a part of your unique Club within the whole Fishing Planet Community! 

Leagues will create an engaging and competitive experience for clubs by giving them goals to strive for and a sense of progression as they improve their skills.


Club Points

Club Points will be the points that members of clubs earn individually for various game and club activities. The sum of all earned Club Points by players is the club will make a huge impact on your club and lead it to the win. The club that earns the most Club Points wins.


*But don’t forget that you can earn Club Points only during the active Season.


The Fishing Planet League system will be divided into Seasons, usually lasting for a few months.



At the end of each season players may receive rewards based on their final score, composed by the sum of Club Points in your Club, and the rankings are often reset to some extent to start a new season from scratch.

All clubs in the game compete to earn Club Points to win. The competition happens automatically, as it involves comparing the Club Points earned throughout the Season.

 At the end of the Season, the winning clubs will receive Season Trophies, and their members will receive rewards.



At the beginning and at the end of the season all clubs receive notifications. The season starts and ends automatically.



A Championship is a weekly competition within the Season. The competition is automatic, it counts by comparing earned Club Points during the Championship. Another important part of a competitive activity created within the Championship are Divisions. Division is a group of clubs from the same league that compete exclusively amongst each other in order to earn the Club Points. Divisions are formed anew before each championship. The size of a division ranges from 6 to 11 clubs in a single league.


For each Championship you will need to earn Club Points from scratch. After the end of the Championship, the Divisions will be disbanded to start anew with the next Championship. The clubs that were first in their Division move to the next League, and the players of the club receive rewards.



And now we are coming to the most delicious part: League Bonuses and Rewards

When the club is in a certain League the members of the club receive bonuses in experience and credits for fish caught. Every fish caught while the club is in the League counts. Players who are members of the Season Winners Club receive rewards for winning the Season and League. These are the top 10 clubs that scored the most Club Points during the Season.


The reward* is received by every member of the club, regardless of the amount of Club Points collected by them, the main condition is to be in the club at the reward time.

*Please note that all awards on the screenshot are only for visual representation. They will be different after the League release!


Season Rewards


All members of the Season Winner Club receive rewards for their victory. These are the top 3 clubs that scored the most Club Points during the Season.

After the Season review, the winning Club will receive the Season Trophy.


The Season Trophy will be displayed in the Club Info window. It displays one of the highest Season Trophies won by the club during its lifetime.

 League Rewards


Rewards are in-game currency, items that Players receive at the end of the Championship and Season.


Among the main rewards, besides baitcoins, will be special club-series items and Club Tokens.


League Trophies


League trophies are the special club awards given to Clubs for winning the Championships by scoring in the top 3 clubs in their Division. The club must win in the current League to move to the next one. To receive the Legendary League Trophy, the Club must remain in the League and not be relegated after the Championship.


The League Trophy will be sent to the Club after the Championship Review.

Every member of the Club can see the fact of receiving the Trophy in the League Trophy Window.

Visually, League Trophies are the statuettes of a fisherman, made of different materials, metal or precious stones.


*The Trophies cannot be bought or sold.

The future of Fishing Planet is looking brighter than ever with the exciting League update! As we embark on this thrilling journey of championship competitions among angler clubs, your fishing adventures are about to reach the new heights. Stay tuned for more updates, cast your lines, and get ready to make a splash in the world of angling like never before!



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