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The new offer for developers (for Killerwhale)


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Dear Killerwhale (sorry, we don't know your name)!

On 09/22/2023, we, a group of players, addressed you on the Steam forum with a letter "Offer for developers (for Killerwhale)", which referred to the re-completion of missions by those players who have already completed missions. In your reply, you approved our proposals, and promised to consider them and respond to our letter. We were pleased to see that this year's Halloween mission has already provided an opportunity for players who have completed this mission to once again complete the tasks "Potion of Summoning" and "Frankenfish Hunt". We considered the appearance of this task to be a response to our letter, and although the volume of this task was small, we understand that this was only the first step in this direction, and we hope that in the future the volume of tasks for re-completing missions can be increased (hopefully significantly).

We want to be useful both to our favorite game and to you, its founders and developers, and decided to send you our new proposals aimed at developing and introducing new events into the game, and continuing to re-complete missions.

1. With the introduction of a new event in November, there are 5 of them. We propose to make sure that the event is present in every month of the year, i.e. add another 6-7 events so that they are held, like tournaments, every month. Realizing that the most difficult thing is choosing an interesting topic for the event, we offer the following (based on US national holidays):


- February – St. Peter's Day. Valentine's Day; Kindness Day

- April – International Earth Day; Day of Laughter

- May – Drinks Day; Mother's Day

- June – National Flag Day; Freedom Day

- August – Women's Equality Day

- September – National Day of the Fisherman and Hunter; Labor Day.

2. Returning to the issue of re-completing missions (so far the offer is only for Halloween). It would be possible to add the following tasks to Achievements: catch 100 (or 150) pieces of demonic fish (cafishs, tarpons, sturgeons, muskies), and ghost fish.

We really hope that you will consider our suggestions, and we believe that this can serve to further improve our favorite game, attract new and return old players.

With respect,


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