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Yes, Mudwater is not a great place to make money.  It's a small step up from Lone Star with a few larger fish to tangle with.  At level 12 you might find night fishing (night time fishing requires an Advanced license) for walleye at Emerald Lake (New York) using a light spinning outfit and (barbless - you get about 20% more XP using barbless hooks or lures) ammolite (purple) 7g (1/4 oz) narrowspoon lure.  Stand on the Dock of Peace and cast as far as you can (particularly towards the rock face on the right), allow the lure to sink to the bottom (or near it) and then do a stop-and-go retrieve (trying different reel speeds to see which works best).

Fishing at night allows you to catch mainly walleye, fishing during the day will get many other species that are not worth as many credits.

Maybe you could start your own club or you could try saying hello to other people in the same room as you. (Believe there is a category in the official Fishing Planet Discord channel that is for people looking for clubs and/or members).


(Start off with your drag setting on the reel set low and gradually increase, being ready to decrease quickly if the power meter starts flashing red).

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If you're using Fluoro fishing line there should be no need for a leader. 

A possible setup you could use would be a level 8 ValueSpin rod ($1950), a level 12 CrucianHunter 4000 reel ($4820) and level 12 Fluoro line ($360). Total = $7130. You will get a message that the line is too strong, as long as you don't max drag the reel you won't have a problem (there are 6 drag settings on the reel, don't go over 5/6).

If the cool-down timer from forwarding during the day to the nighttime has ended, and you have filled your keepnet or stringer you can forward to the next night without any cool-down penalty (i.e. you can fill your net and then forward time to the next night's peak time). If the cool-down hasn't finished you can either catch and release fish until it has or close the game down and come back after it has (spending baitcoin(s) on forwarding time is not a good use for them, better off saving them for things like barbless lures/hooks, map markers, home storage and unlimited Advanced licenses. Things like bait, rods and reels you can normally get at a higher level).      

Hope this helps.

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My in-game name is the same as here on the Forum, I'm a member of the Pro Hook'ers club. Clubs are limited to 20 members for the time being ( the club is currently full), maybe the Developers will increase the membership size over time as they implement more club content.

So, not possible at the moment. There's the option to request friendship in-game either (from the Inventory screen) the two-person icon (top far right) and do a search on their name or from the chat box window at a waterway (and without a rod in the water and in your hand), hold and continue to hold down CTRL button, select the three-person icon on the sid of the chat box, select and click on the persons game-name then select and click the add friend option.  NOTEIt would be better (as in polite) to ask someone if you can add them as a friend first before sending the request. 


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