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Welcome Thanksgiving Day 2023: Golden Turkey Rush


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Hey Anglers,

Get ready for a special Thanksgiving treat!

This year Fishing Planet is hosting a brand new event and we want you to be a part of the festivities.

Join us for an unforgettable dinner with the entire Fishing Planet family! To whip up some delicious dishes for our Thanksgiving feast, embark on a series of exciting missions.


  • Catch fish, small and large, using Golden Corn. From Lone Star to San Joaquin, Sunfish or Trout — no underwater dweller can resist it.

  • Keep harvesting Golden Corn at the event locations —  it's your ticket to boosting your chances of a good catch.

  • Our special Thanksgiving Cauldrons will be cooking up delightful fish dishes for our festive dinner

  • Earn the Pilgrim Hat reward by accomplishing the Catcher in the Corn achievement.

With the mid-level waterways as main event locations this event is catered for players of all levels to complete.

Thanksgiving Day brings the spirit of harvest, family, and, of course, Fishing Planet! Gear up for a November filled with exciting new adventures!

The event will be active until 10 a.m. UTC, November 27.

Golden Turkey Rush:

As part of the event, we will be setting up a Thanksgiving feast at Lone Star Lake. 

To do this, you need to collect a certain number of Holiday Dishes.

You can obtain these Holiday Dishes by completing fish-catching and ingredient-gathering missions for cooking on each event location, which will be marked with the turkey icons on the global map.


The search for the Cornucopia


Let's find first the Horn of Plenty or Cornucopia. Successful completion grants will grant you access to the next missions.



Embark on a culinary journey with our assortment of fish-inspired dishes, each starting with a magical interaction with a cauldron in various locations.

 From the delectable Assorted Fish Platter at LONE STAR to the savory Stuffed Carp at LESNIVILA, and the delightful Fish Pie awaiting you at MUDWATER, each culinary adventure begins with a cauldron encounter. 

Explore the rich flavors of Trout Sashimi at ROCKY, savor the Grilled Carp at NEHERRIN, and warm up with the Festive Fish Soup at GHENT TERNEUZEN. 

Uncover the tempting Smoked Trophies at TIBER, the Gefilte Fish at QUANCHKIN, the Trout Tacos at SAINT CROIX, and the exotic Chinese-style Carp at SAN JOAQUIN.

 Each cauldron holds the key to a unique and flavorful feast, inviting you to indulge in the art of culinary exploration.

Table decorations


When all dishes are ready it is time to start decorating the main table. Collect all items and don't forget to chek EMERALD.


Corn Harvest


And don't forget about the Corn Bushes! They're stocked with essential items you'll need. To ace those event missions and achievements, make sure to reel in the big ones using the special event baits - golden corn and regular corn.



Secret Missions

There are also two secret missions waiting for you. You’ll find out you got the reward only after you accidentally complete them yourself!


Do not miss a chance to get the Thanksgiving Cornucopia Pack!


Steam   American PSN Store  European PSN Store     Xbox


Celebrate the holiday fishing tradition with the Thanksgiving Cornucopia Pack!  Don't miss your chance to snag the Thanksgiving edition true Pilgrim’s Doublet. This pack is a complete package, featuring spin reels, rods, lines, hooks, a spacious Keepnet, and plenty of bait!

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Yeah of course you want us to be a part of it considering you virtually locked the mission behind a pay wall. Fix your stupid game, how am I supposed to target different species if I’m forced to use gold corn? And 12 gold for 15 corn? Ridiculous. I’m ready to uninstall the game just because of this. It’s completely disrespectful to your community.

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I don't understand why players have to guess what exactly the secret missions are? If you have entered them into the event, give some hints or additional conditions for their detection and execution, but do not be silent. By this behavior, the developers show their disrespect for the players.

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Each of us has the right to think what he wants. But in any game there must be certain rules that both players and developers must follow. If in a regular quest game there is no indication of which thing to take or which button to press, this is understandable, this is just a quest and nothing more. In FP, the situation is different, here, in order to find something about which not a word is said, you need to go around 25 locations, paying money for it! So at least tell me, or give instructions through the execution of some action, what to do at these locations to open secret missions! Fishing? Walking around locations, looking for something? In what area at least to perform actions? I found out about the first secret mission (golden corn in locations where there is no event icon) on the Steam forum, but not from the developers! Let's still respect each other, otherwise you can get to the point of absurdity: "we announced the event here, what is the name and from what date - guess. Find what you need to do. Prizes are either there or not - you will see if you do it."

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Hallo 😀

Ich habe bis auf die einzigartigen Karpfen alle Eventfische gefangen .... Allerdings bekomme ich die auch garnicht raus, der Fisch geht verloren und die Meldung, dass ich mein Fanggerät verbessern soll erscheint 

Welche Ruten habt ihr verwendet bzw mit welchen Rollen etc hab ihr sie ausgestattet? 

Hab ja nun schon die beste, die man kaufen kann ....

Wäre über antworten sehr sehr dankbar 


LG CherryBee


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