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Welcome League Season 1: Icebreaking Angler Rivals


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Hello fellow Anglers,
First day of winter brings a long anticipated start of our first ever League Season on Fishing Planet!

The first Season of leagues will take place this winter and starts today. We cannot wait to welcome everyone to become a part of this historical event. Symbolically we decided to name the first League season Icebreaking Angler Rivals

As we had a chance to introduce you to Leagues in one of our DevDiaries, you may already know what to anticipate and today you will learn all the details about the upcoming adventure. 


Club Leagues is a brand new game mode and your opportunity to start from scratch in a race to bring your Club into the spotlight. Clubs will compete with each other in weekly Championships that are held during the Season by earning Club Points for their activity.

A Season is a long term competition between Clubs that typically lasts between 60 and 90 days. In the beginning and by the end of each Season all the Clubs will receive an applicable notification. 

The results will be presented in the Season Leaderboard. The most successful Clubs in each League will be working their way up, from the Beginner League to the highest Legendary League. The ranking system will bring bonuses, new opportunities and unique limited-edition trophies to the top listed Clubs and all their members. 

The activity of each member throughout the Season adds Club Points to the Club count. You’ll have to use all your skill, knowledge, and determination to build a workable strategy along with your clubmates – before someone else snatches the victory from you.

The Club participation in Leagues Season will bring lots of benefits to each member. Such as:

  • You’ll get a platform to benefit not only from using your skills but also from your overall time and every in-game activity with your clubmates
  • Moving up the leaderboard will bring you more and more XP and credits for catching fish
  • Weekly rewards for winning the Championships to step up your fishing game
  • Get acknowledged by your clubmates for your contribution and activity 
  • And last but not least, this is your chance to bring your Club to the victory and become a part of the Club known by the whole community of Fishing Planet

We anticipate Leagues to create an engaging and competitive experience for Clubs by giving them goals to strive for and a sense of progression as the clubmates improve their skills.


First League Season: Icebreaking Angler Rivals

First League Season: Icebreaking Angler Rivals starts today, on December 1st at 12:00 UTC and will be active until February 21, 2024, 10:00 UTC.

The first season will hold 10 Championships. The first Championship will begin in a week after the start of the season, on December 8. The First season duration is 3 months. 

Each club that has accumulated 300 or more Club points by the start of the first Championship (December 8 ) will automatically participate in the Season. 

The participating Clubs will be divided into Divisions and start competing inside of their Division. Each division will have the winners who will move further and those with lower performance will move down to the lower League. The only exception is the Beginner League, where all remaining clubs will compete again and again for further evaluation. 

At the start of the Season, all participating clubs will be assigned to the Beginner League.

If your club hasn't accumulated 300 or more Club Points by the start of the first Championship, you still have the opportunity to earn this required amount before the beginning of one of the following weekly Championships, enter the race in the Beginner League and compete for the main rewards.

League Levels and progress 

There will be seven Leagues, categorized by the Clubs’ levels: 

  • The Beginner League
  • The Rookie League
  • The Professional League
  • The Expert League
  • The Master League
  • The Elite League
  • The Legendary League

The higher the League, the more bonuses and rewards the Clubs and all their members will receive. 

Your Club’s journey will depend on your skills and activity. The positioning between the Leagues will depend on the total amount of Club Points earned during the weekly Championships. 

All participating Clubs in each League will be divided into Divisions and start competing inside of their Division. 

Each Division will consist of approximately 7 to 10 Clubs. Clubs in the same division will compete against each other for the top-4 positions in the Beginner League and top 3 in the next levels Leagues. Securing one of the top positions in the League allows a club to move to the next level League.

Some clubs that do not qualify for promotion to the next League will either remain in the current League or be dropped down to the previous League. The fate of these Clubs will depend on the club points earned and the ranking of clubs that jumped Up from the previous league.


  • For the first Beginner League, the category "To Drop Down" is absent; there is no possibility of moving below the first League.
  • For the last Legendary League, the category "To Jump Up" is absent; there is no opportunity to move higher than the seventh league.

If there is no possibility to form at least one Division in one particular League for the weekly Championship, the League will not be established. All clubs will be transferred to a lower League and continue competition there.

Best Clubs of each Championship get unique rewards. While moving up from the Beginner League, your club and each member will get more valuable bonuses and benefits, including additional XP and in-game money. 


Gaining Club Points

Club Points of a Club is a total count of Club Points gained by all the Club members.

Club members earn Club Points by catching fish in the club room, and points will be awarded based on the type of fish and the number of players in the Club Room. 

You will see the amount of Club Points with the start of the Season. Club Points are not being transferred to the next Season, it means every new Season starts from scratch. If a member leaves their Club in the middle of the Season, the Club Points earned by this member will be removed from the Club Points count of the Club.

The Legendary League

Legendary League will be different from the others. First of all this is the plaсe where the strongest Clubs of the Season compete with each other and an absolute goal for all the Clubs to get to but there is more.

All lucky ones who get to the Legendary League will need to compete against each other. Unlike the previous Leagues, in the Legendary League the Clubs will not be divided into divisions. All clubs that advanced to it will compete for their place on the Leaderboard.

Only a half of Clubs will be able to remain in the Legendary League after the weak Championship results, the other half will move to the Elite League.


Seasonal Rewards

After the Season concludes, the process of season review will take approximately two days. You can see the Season rewards in the game in the Season Reward window.

Top-10 Clubs with the highest number of Club Points will receive the Season rewards and of course the Season Trophy. All the Club members of the winning Club will receive the reward, meaning it doesn’t depend on their individual contribution, but if a member leaves the Club before the season review is done, the reward will not be sent to this member.


The new in-game currency - Club Token 

With the start of the Leagues we introduce a new currency - Club Tokens. This special currency can be earned and spent in Club activities.

Club Tokens can be earned by winning weekly Championships and in the League Seasons.

The Club currency also could be obtained from the new Club Enthusiasts Pack with a huge amount of Club tokens. 


                                  Steam    American PSN Store    European PSN Store    Xbox 


Additionally, all club members are able to donate their Club Tokens for common Club goals and needs. For example, as a club you can spend your Club Tokens on new logo elements. In the future with the next iteration of Leagues you will be able to buy new Club Series items in the Global Store. 


Review and Disqualification 

And last but not least, we will be paying all our attention to the fairness of the competitions. Every weekly Championship will be reviewed in order to detect and penalize abuse. 

If a player is disqualified, their points will be revoked and deducted from the total Club Points. However, the Club continues to participate in the Championship and the Season. 

If a club is disqualified, all its members lose the opportunity to compete for prizes in championships and the main season prize. They could join another club or create a new one. But please note, that the Club Points will be revoked and you will need to start from scratch. 


In the end, let’s do a little summary of all the important points related to Leagues.


  • A period of time when competitions are held.
  • Clubs compete for the main rewards and the top place during this time.


  • The main component of a season that divides the season time into smaller segments.
  • Clubs gain club points and receive evaluations during the championship.


  • An organizational element during a championship.
  • As there could be around 300 clubs during the championship, dividing by divisions helps rank clubs and provides more chances for evaluation and potential advancement to the next league.
  • Similar to dividing by groups.


  • A ranking element based on the competitive activities of a club and the amount of club points it earned. Represents evaluation levels, ranging from The Beginner to the most advanced Legendary League.

Club Points:

  • An evaluation element influencing the club's position in the leaderboard and the final evaluation for determining the winner of the season. Can only be gained through club activities (Fishing in the same club room, winning competitions and tournaments) during an active Season.

Club Tokens:

  • A new in-game currency specific to the club. Obtainable during the season or through the in-game store. Can be spent on Club-Series Items (coming soon) or club-related items. It cannot be exchanged for other in-game currencies.


If you made it this far, we hope we've covered everything in a way that makes sense. But if you have still got any questions or uncertainties, we're right here for you. Don't hesitate to drop your questions in the comments below.

Good luck, Anglers, and let the Icebreaking Angler Rivals begin!

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Fishing planets devs are a bunch spinning reel facing up fishermen. They obviously love their carp as it’s half the gear in the store. One spokesman doing an interview for an update was shown with a picture of him dangling what looked like a small yellow perch from the line. Much like a photo I have from the first fish I ever caught when I was 3. Hold the fish if you want a pic but better yet don’t take pics of minnows. They banned me cuz I insulted their game that used to be better, idk how they made it worse but they did. Pay to win fishermen rejoice!

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On 12/2/2023 at 1:28 AM, Nignog said:

Fishing planets devs are a bunch spinning reel facing up fishermen. They obviously love their carp as it’s half the gear in the store. One spokesman doing an interview for an update was shown with a picture of him dangling what looked like a small yellow perch from the line. Much like a photo I have from the first fish I ever caught when I was 3. Hold the fish if you want a pic but better yet don’t take pics of minnows. They banned me cuz I insulted their game that used to be better, idk how they made it worse but they did. Pay to win fishermen rejoice!

Is this a place for that kind of rant? 

You are angry for being banned, ok. I don't know why, did you deserve it or not but i can understand why you feel this way. 

Everything else is just talking nonsense. Carp fishing is not my thing but its a kind of specific so having half of the store occupied with carp baits and equipment is perfectly fine. What are you missing exactly regarding other fishing techniques that makes you so disappointed about their commitment to carp fishing? Isn't that what the half of the RL fishing is about, especially in Europe..... 

Second....why would you care is someone from the staff is taking picture with some tiny fish? Shoul he be a real life trophy angler to make a game?  Do you care if some CoD developer is 18yr. old boy that never served in army or hold AK-47.......i dont think so. 

I am a RL angler who spends rougly 6 months per year by the sea, hell, i live on the coastline and the amount of fish, and what would be considered as a trophy ones that i catch is something that i am very proud about....... but who cares, this is a game and we all have the same chance to enjoy some pixels fishing. 

...and third but most important, how did the game used to be better and what is 'pay to win' in this game? What was better and what do you need to pay to win what precisely? Do you even understand the goals of this game.... what is it all about. 

Why don't you just enjoy the slow pace, enjoy all the locations catching trophy and unique and mastering all kind of techniques, while unlocking better and stronger equipment to enjoy catching biger and stronger fish and getting back to locations where you couldn't catch them earlier..........what else is there, and what else do you expect from fishing simulation? 

Maybe this just isn't your 'thing'..... 

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Hey there! You don't need to take part in competitions. You can fish in the club room, it's better that there are 4 more teammates in the club room, for them they give additional club points. For one teammate +1 point, for four - 4 points. But more than 5 points are not given for teammates. Or you can simply fish as usual.

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Errrrr and on PS4 .... What does " Fast Reel Mode mean " ( the circle button ) ? . It says that when you hold the Options Button for info on controls :) 

Could we not have some Ducks or Geese , water foul please ? We can hear them lol . Can see the Birds :)

Edited by stofflich-Teddy
Just remembered another question :)
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I'd guess that fast reel mode would be holding the circle button down to retrieve your line at the fastest speed, say if you had cast your line before realizing you hadn't brought a license yet or had cast to the wrong spot (on the PC this function is performed by holding down the Shift key).

You can see ducks at the Selenge, Mongolia waterway (but, no you cannot interact with them - 😲). 


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It is an absolute injustice when a two-person club competes with a 15-person club. How could developers, smart people, programmers, probably familiar with mathematics, introduce such a principle into the game? It's like a car with an engine of 40 hp competing with a car of 400 hp! It was necessary either to equalize the number of members in each club (which is very difficult), or to take an average value by which to make a comparison (for example, divide the total amount (total weight) caught by all members of the club fish for the number of club members)! This, at least, would be an objective assessment of the club's work. And that would be fair. And what is happening now is simply incorrect from the point of view of common sense.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hi will there be antoher pack or any way to purchase club tokens?

I bought the initial DLC because the new lures were finally a reason for me to spend money (heads up on the designer. Those things just look and work awesome!!!!!)

But sadly as a non comp player and someone who actually works and can't farm small fish 24/7 I really feel left out as a player here as it is hard to stand any chance in club leagues this way. And the club tokens in the DLC BY FAR are not enough to buy all the lures (even after selling the hat and the glasses)

This is actually a thing I would love to spend money on to help the game develop and to skip a small fish grind(something that would surely drive me out of the game over time). So please dev tell us if there will be a way to purchase the last few club tokens in shop or via DLC at some point:)

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