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Falcon Lake


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Just finished my first trip to Falcon, bought the 7 day advanced license, I filled my 198-pound keep net about 5 times, and made good money and XP. My new favorite location so far!  Lots of great action and a kayak is highly recommended, came in handy for this lake.  Mostly used a 2 inch silver shad on a half ounce #2/0 jighead and 8 pound Fluorocarbon, or 1/4 ounce black gloss narrow spoon on 6 pound fluoro, stop and go retrieve.  I tried a variety of lures but kept coming back to these two.  Gold and black nano spoon worked good at times.  I had also bought a bunch of small minnows and mayflies for the trip. With the minnows I caught a few on my float setup, but very little on the bottom.  With the mayflies I got almost no interest from anything either on floats or bottom.  I tried #1 and #2 hooks, different depths, float and bottom, different times of day or night, but gave up and went back to lures.

Overall it was a good trip, but am I doing something wrong with the mayflies?  Any recommendations for my next trip there?  I'm saving up some cash to get equipped for St Croix.

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