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Dear anglers,
Since Fishing Planet’s release on Epic Games Store, we have been receiving questions from you about how the competitive activities rules will affect those players who want to have Fishing Planet accounts on both, EGS and Steam.  

We had to take some time to consult with Epic Games Store and make sure everything is compliant with their rules and regulations as well, and now we are ready to provide you with more details on this matter.

Although EGS and Steam are different platforms, players on them use the same servers. You will not be able to use the same email or nickname to register a Fishing Planet account on EGS and Steam. It's essential to understand that while it's permissible to have accounts on both platforms, you can only use one Fishing Planet account per device for competitive activities. This means you must choose one account to participate in competitions and tournaments. Whether you continue competing with your FP account on Steam or switch to your new FP account on Epic, the choice is yours.

However, you cannot compete in one tournament on Steam and the next tournament on Epic.

We appreciate that many players enjoy playing Fishing Planet with their families, which is wonderful! However, for competitive activities, please ensure each family member uses a separate device and does not switch devices with other family members.

If you share a device, kindly designate only one family member to participate in competitions.

For further details, refer to our Competitive Activity Rules here: https://fishingplanet.com/TournamentRules.htm 

We hope we can address all of your concerns, but if you have any questions or doubts, please, feel free to ask.

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