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[All Platforms] Crappie Valentine Cup


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Hello to all the lovely Anglers on the Fishing Planet!

We extend a warm invitation to the Crappie Valentine Cup Tournament coming up from February 13th to February 18th, with registration starting on February 12th, just a day before the action kicks off.

Get ready for an adventure filled with fun, prizes, and the chance to become the Crappie Valentine Champion! Win Credits, BaitCoins, cool fishing tackles, and, of course, the fame and glory!

For those new to the game, signing up for the tournament gets you access to all the Tournament waterways, no matter your level in the game. Plus, the registration fee covers all the licenses you need to catch qualifying fish in the tournament states. It's a perfect opportunity to explore new fishing spots!

Here's the tournament schedule:

  • February 12th: Registration starts
  • February 13th: Qualifier 1 at Mudwater River, Missouri.
  • February 14th: Qualifier 2 at Lake Rocky, Colorado.
  • February 15th: Qualifier 3 at San Joaquin Delta, California.
  • February 17th: Semifinals at Quanchkin Lake, Louisiana.
  • February 18th: Grand Finale at Neherrin River, North Carolina.

Now, let's talk rules.

 We've recently joined the Epic Games Store, which means you can play against folks on Steam too!

Here's the most important part: you can have Fishing Planet accounts on both platforms, but you can only use one Fishing Planet account per device for tournaments.

We know gaming with family is awesome, but for tournaments, each family member should play on their own device. If you share a device, just pick one person to compete.

For all the details, check out our Competitive Activity Rules. They've been updated slightly, so take a peek here: https://fishingplanet.com/TournamentRules.html  

Wishing you lots of luck and Crappie Valentine’s Day!



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