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Leagues Season: Icebreaking Angler Rivals results


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Dear fellow Anglers,

We're here to announce that the First Season of Club Leagues, the Icebreaking Angler Rivals, has drawn to a close. You can check out all the winners in the Leagues Tab within the game. Although there are too many to mention across various platforms in one post, their names will be marked in the Fishing Planet history.

First and foremost, a huge congratulations to all the winners! We extend our gratitude to all who participated, as well as to the clubs that persevered until the very end. You have shown an impressive dedication, strength, and persistence.

It’s been a long journey and we understand that the road hasn't been without its bumps. Throughout the season, we've been diligently gathering and forwarding your feedback to our developers. While we refrained from making mid-season adjustments, we carefully considered all of your comments, suggestions and ideas for future improvements. We deeply appreciate your willingness to share your opinions and help us enhance the game.

Looking ahead, we've decided that a comprehensive overhaul of the Club Leagues feature is necessary. We intend to take the time to thoroughly review all your feedback and devise improvements in your gaming experience. Given that our primary focus at the moment is the upcoming ocean map, which we're eager to release as soon as possible knowing your excitement, we've made the decision to give the Club Leagues  our undivided attention after the launch of the new map.

We hope you'll stand with us on this decision, recognizing it as the best path forward for now. The Club Leagues will come back after the improvements that we will take care of while you’ll be enjoying Saltwater fishing.

Regarding the new map, we sincerely appreciate your patience. Rest assured, we'll be providing a series of Dev Diaries detailing the features awaiting for you, starting with a focus on the Fishing Together feature in just a few days.

Plus, mark your calendars!

Today at 7:30 pm Central US Time, Fishing Planet’s Game Designer Andrii will be live on Bo Angel's YouTube channel, answering all your questions about the ocean map. Don't miss out!

Thank you for your continued support. 

With the warmest regards, 

Fishing Planet Team

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