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So Ive been out of the game since they stopped Baitcoins on Unique fish.

Now I decide lets go and see what happened in the intervening years. I know Ill go pike fishing at Saint Croix !!!!!

So I pay out 4000 gold seeing as most of my licenses have been erased from my account up to and including Saint Croix, cant think how that happened, I didnt delete them and FP would NEVER do such an underhanded and .... wait I cant delete them so following this train of thought as I walked around the lake, I see most of my marker buoys have gone too. 

So anyhow I wander to an old stomping ground and stick a brand new shiner on the line and wang it into the water. Sure enough like clockwork something nabbed it straight away, a fight ensues... oooo this is an improvement... the fish sturggles and finally after a fight lasting about 400ft and 15 minutes I land this fish to be greeted with "NET THIS FISH IF YOU WANT BUT YOU WILL BE FINED 20000 etc etc"

Sturgeon on the Russian river used to be the only banned species back then. And "JUST FOR THE SPORT!!!" Is no reason for this.

What is the point of telling someone oh yes you can fish for this but it gives you no known advantage no COINS< NO GOLD and definately less XP than it used to.

So how is this going to promote sales, personally I would like to see a list of banned species, Im guessing Willow Lakes if you land a Carp you cant net it wont be long till every fish is banned while they milk your wallet.

So Baneed species, what are they and where, Lets get the liost started



I dont see the point of banning things that only exist as digits in a program, if it bothers you that much then take t hem out altogether and call them extinct species!

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