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Recruiting For The "America F' Yeah!" Club

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Hey Fellow Fishermen and Fisherwomen,

I'm seeking like minded player(s) for my "America F' Yeah!" Club, were presently in the Masters Class • Must be American • Must be level 60+ • Must be a mature adult • Must (when league starts again) add Club point EVERYDAY period • Must PM me thru my Playstation Network account which is my forum name before asking to join • Must accept in a timely manner my or other club members friend request • Must be transparent ie if I go to your PS account I can see your stuff like trophies level, trophies, activities, number of friends etc etc etc no I'm hiding from the world because bad people will get me, thats bologna seriously • Having a mic is optional but encouraged it helps with the points grinding stuff but if your the quiet type thats ok so long as you fish where the club is fishing for points any other time do as you please • If you served on US Nuclear Submarines • Skydive • Scuba Dive • are a Lampwork(er) • are a Metal Detectorist • enjoy BlackGuns • and think that "Let's Go Brandon" is correct maybe were your Club? or not?..... Blue Skies Black Death... "No Crybabys Allowed".

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