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Xbox Spring sales is finally here!


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Hey there fellow Anglers!


We are here to announce we are joining in the Xbox Spring sales and finally the Congo Discovery Pack gets its 25% off on all the platforms simultaneously!


It’s the perfect time to grab your Draco Boat with two powerful setups and plenty of bait to travel into the depth of the jungle and hunt for the enormous Nile Perch, aggressive Tigerfish, large African catfish species, and other fish of the most bizarre shapes and colors. And the 30 days Premium account will help you advance in the game  faster and make more money for your next journeys!


Make sure you check the discount dates for your platform:

  • [Xbox/Win10] from now until March 25th 16:00 UTC
  • [Steam] until March 21st 17:00 UTC
  • [EGS] until March 28th 15:00 UTC
  • [PS] until March 26th 17:00 UTC for PS America and until March 27th 9:00 UTC for PS Europe and PS Asia.
  • [iOS/Android] until March 21st 17:00 UTC.


Fishing Planet: Congo Discovery Pack

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