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WHY can I NOT Troll with the Draco?

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Dear Fishing Planet Overlord's how come? we are not allowed to Troll with rods in both rod holders and one in hand in the Draco Boat? I can Troll single rod in my bass boats, I do it all the time and am pretty successful at it and it adds a different way to catch other than casting does, so why? can I not troll with the Draco?... Inquiring minds wish to know. 🎣🛥️


Toki 🪂

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1 hour ago, DannyWilson said:

Big Ben is the publisher He has the rights to fisherman right now His 5 year contract Is up at the end of the year then we should see trolling and much more 

Yeah I looked FP LLC up on LinkedIn a few years ago, I just assumed The Fishermen were the same group and the fisherman was just a lite version, sort of like FP when they fist came out only having 40 levels....

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It's up to  level 50 with blue crab dlc with a extra water way and 4 extra fish and you get lots bait coins for uniques it will be interesting to see what happens after the license runs out devs did say the 2 games are going to share content with one another 

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