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Fishing Planet Boat Series 2024


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We welcome all anglers on this beautiful day and are happy to share some news with you! In June, Fishing Planet locations will host a boat predators tournament – Fishing Planet Boat Series. If a regular fishing trip feels boring to you, if you want to show off your honed skills, if you love the spirit of competition – this is for you! Don’t waste your time: go register for the Tournament. Prove to everyone that you are the best angler and earn not only recognition but also fantastic prizes, including Credits and BaitCoins.

Participants and spectators will have a whole week to enjoy the thrill of the fight. The tournament will take place at picturesque locations in the US and Germany. However, you will hardly have time to enjoy the view, since the clash is likely to turn fierce! You will be fishing for the toughest predators using a spinning or casting rod from your boat. The type of qualifying fish depends on the location.

The Tournament will take place from June 11th through 16th.

Over this period we’ll hold Qualifiers, Semi-Finals, and Finals. You need to register 24 hours before Qualifiers start – don’t miss the deadline! The first registration begins on June 10th.

Dates of the Tournament:

  • 11th - Qualifier 1 at the picturesque Saint-Croix Lake, Michigan;
  • 12th - Qualifier 2 amid the Bavarian views of Lake Sander Baggersee in Germany;
  • 13th - Qualifier 3 on the vast expanses of SAN JOAQUIN DELTA, California;
  • 15th - Semi-Finals at the magical Blue Crab Island, Mississippi;
  • 16th - Tournament Finals at the same place, Blue Crab Island, Mississipp

Make sure to grab everything you need - Fishing Planet Boat Series Pack.

with all the tackle and exclusive equipment you need to enhance your skills for the ultimate win!

 Steam  EpicGames  American PSN Store   European PSN Store   Xbox



Show everyone who is the greatest angler in the whole of Fishing Planet!

We are looking forward to greeting our new champions!

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