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Any Info on Ocean Release Date?

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Hi. Long term player, first time posting.


The question is simple really - when will the mobile version of the Ocean map be released? 


I know there's a delay between each platform, usually of around the 2 week mark. Is this the same for the mobile version, or will it take longer?


The console release date being the 20th June brings up the possibility of a release on the 4th July. It would just be nice to know either way.


Thanks in advance for any help given. 

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Only information I could see was posted 2 days ago (on the FP Facebook page PlayStation, Xbox] Patch Note 5.03/2.1.0 )  

For mobile players eagerly awaiting the Ocean Update on Android and iOS, we anticipate being able to announce the release date sometime next week. We appreciate your patience - it won’t be much longer now. Stay tuned for the updates!

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Yeah, I was gonna post the same thing yesterday. Instead I opened up my Facebook account again just to see if anything else had been said. But alas, no. Not a thing. Seems a common theme with updates. Suppose we just gotta sit tight 😕

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