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Shop System Update

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I believe it was mentioned before but I can't believe it's not more of a hot button topic on everybody's minds.  This games shop purchase system desperately needs a very small adjustment that would make the game a lot more user friendly.  Currently in the shop system, if you click buy on any item, then you have purchased that item.  Because of that, I have already made a couple accidental purchases using my hard earned baitcoin!  This is very annoying  I can't think of another shopping system in the world that doesn't have a confirm purchase pop-up to make sure buying was your intended action.

Also, a Cart system.  When your shopping online for anything, there is a basic cart system implemented that would allow you to review your items, adjust quantities, and review costs before selecting the BUY button.  A cart system with a purchase confirmation would fix everything and provide a much better in game experience overall.

If these items are in process, then I would like to thank the developers for their efforts.  If not, then I urge you to consider this minor change that would go a long way to improving gameplay.

Tight Lines!

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