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Hi guys and congratulation for this game, it's just amazing ! 

However I have no sensation into the joystick (I play on PS4 and I have activated the vibrations in the settings)

Is this due to the fact that I catch only small fish for now? (my biggest is a 700g pike)

I feel the vibrations at the touch, but in battle it does not vibrate ...

Is it a particular setting?

Thanks you ;-)

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I am having the same issue on ps4 using official controller. I don't have any sensation at all. I have tried 2 controllers that are as good as new and nothing. It's a pity because a fishing game is the one game you want to feel that vibrate 

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Guys its easy to fix, when you reeling in the vibration wont work unless the tension on the line is huge so u wont get any vibrations on the early levels so if you need to make it to work on any time you reeling any fish you will find an option on the options under turning the vibration on or off tab it will say something like "vibration only work on high tension" just check it and boom you have vibration all the time 

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48 minutes ago, SlothnessMonster said:

I have no vibrations even for bites using an official Sony controller

I take it you had a mess around with the settings? 

Another thing that might be worth a go is to reset your controller, there is a very small hole on the back near a screw at the top hold this in for ten seconds. 

Also try updating the controller in playstation settings. 

Might work might not worth a go. 

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