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Topwater & Nightfishing Update (v.1.0.0 Patch note)

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Hey there, angling community!

We prepared an awesome update with amazing new features, including TOPWATER and  NIGHTFISHING, as well as new line and lure physics!

Main highlights

Topwater :

  • We created new topwater fishing lures: Walkers, Poppers and Frogs.
  • Two new retrieves added: Popping and Walking.
  • Substantial changes to line and lure physics.

Night Fishing:

  • Changes to fishing Licenses: Night Fishing is permitted only with Advanced Licenses.
  • Changes made to the shift between fishing days: your catch in the fishkeeper is sold at 5 a.m. every next morning. This means you can keep fishing all night long!
  • New fish activity charts for nighttime added.
  • New tackle for fishing in the dark: rods with fluorescent tips, that let you see the fish bite even in total darkness!
  • We also added holographic lures of different weights snd sizes: luminescent Cranks and glow in the dark soft lures: Craws, Worms and Shads.
  • A wider selection of glow-in-the-dark floats: now slim and pear-shaped floats added.
  • New unique fishing cap with flashlight that you can get for completing the new "Night Shift" challenge.



  • New Ardix match rod and LineGlider spinning reel added.
  • Level requirement changes made for Brutus rods as well as reels of Hornet Swarm and Espira DoublePunch series.
  • Retrieves system has been reworked
  • Last selected rod now is saved.
  • Pitching flag for each floating rod will be saved during pond session as well.
  • Last selected in inventory rod will be automatically taken in game when you leave inventory
  • Auto selecting first equipped rod when last used was disassembled

Topwater Midnight Pack
No fishfight is more visual and powerful than a proper topwater battle! And nothing compares in its atmosphere to a night hunt! Both spectacular and challenging in their beauty, topwater and night fishing are a complex art that equally requires sharp skill and the right tools! That’s why we created the TOPWATER MIDNIGHT PACK - for all anglers who can handle the eye-popping action and raw emotion of confronting your scaly enemy face-to-face and bring in the catch in the darkest hours!


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11 час назад, Senior_Chief сказал:

Great addition to the game experience guys! It would be nice if we could turn the "CAP" light On/Off.  We don't want to scare the big monsters off and attract hordes of mosquitos.  :D

Scheduled to do

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I gotta start of by saying that this is the patch I've enjoyed the most since I first started playing Fishing Planet.

I love the night fishing, but even more the top water lures. It's amazing.

However, I've noticed that alot of people don't get how to work the lures to it's full potential, maybe it should be added into the tutorial. And make it possible for players (no matter of level or rank) to go back and do the tutorial again if they wanna refresh their memory. 


Anyway, I LOVE what you did this patch, keep up the great work!

Best regards


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