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I am creating a series of in-game guides that I have uploaded to YouTube. Are these guides not aloud be posted to the forum. They are strictly on this game. I am not advertising an outside site I just want to help people get better at the game. Can I have permission to post these here? 

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Just post them if you think it contributes to the forums.

I don't think you need "permission" or need to ask for such.

Your content is either apropriate or it isn't.

Asking before posting is not how forums work generally.


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Liked and subbed.

Tip: write down what you want to say in the vid and read it out loud, edit the footage later.

It provides a more energetic video.

Also, tell what you want to talk about in the beginning of the video and go over it point by point.

This way the viewer knows what he can expect watching the video instead of just going with the info provided by the title.

Nice vid, keep em coming.

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