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idea's for new waterways thread

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Lake Oconee, Georgia! Great bass, cat, panfish fishing all around, also rumored by divers to have Blue Cats the length of a VW Beetle.

Or the... Altamaha River, Georgia. Another big cat destination & where I grew up fishing. Nothing like the moonlit sight of a forearmed sized branch about to snap from a gigantic cat on a trotline. 
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On 06/09/2017 at 6:09 AM, urmom8555 said:

anyone have ideas for water ways? i have a large amount, ea. tennessee river, mobile delta, guntersville, also small extremely cheap fishing places kike, certain creeks, small ponds, etc. would be a great addition.

kenai river,lake Okeechobee , table rock ,amazon river,more creeks,ponds and small cheap places,Canada,europe ,austraila , new zealand , south america ,ice fishing,fly fishing,big boats and a bunch of other stuff....

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Will we see traditional carp fishing features such as bite alarms, bottom bait fishing .E.G boilies. Also in combination with some British waters?. Thanks"

Right now, we are actively working on bottom fishing, feeders, as well as British and European waterways. We already finished a new aquatic complex in Great Britain called the Weeping Willow Lakes and are currently working on Dutch and German waterways. We’ll soon show you a sneak peak of the new location and + 40 European fish species. However, we plan to release all of these features (European ponds and Bottom fishing) together, as one complex update. 


Off steam news page.  So there ya go :)

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thabeastboss10 upthread mentioned Australia in his post, I'd like to second that suggestion and give a couple of ideas on what such waterways could be like:

A southern estuary system (The Gippsland Lakes would be a good real life example) with species such as Estuary Perch, Australian Salmon (Kahawai), Black and Yellowfin Bream, King George Whiting and Silver Trevally as the  small to medium sized sportfish, Dusky Flathead, Sand Flathead and Estuary Catfish as the bottom dwelling predators, Mulloway, Blue Groper, Yellowtail Kingfish, Gummy Sharks and Snapper as the large predatory sportfish, with Australian Herring (Tommy Rough) Sand Mullet, Australian Anchovies, southern sea garfish, slimy mackerel and yellowtail as the smaller baitfish.

A southern freshwater system with Australian Bass, European Carp, Tandan Catfish, Murray Cod, Long-Finned Eel, Golden Perch, Macquarie Perch, Silver Perch, English Perch (Redfin), Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, various species of Galaxia and Gudgeon.

There's also scope for an excellent northern tropical sportfishing system with Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Queenfish, Giant Trevally, Threadfin Salmon, Bonefish, Estuary Cod, Fingermark, Black Jewfish, Golden Trevally, as well as various large reef fish and pelagics if you include offshore fishing.

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I'd like to see kayak fishing in saltwater where you can troll lures behind your kayak as you row. Or perhaps you enter the game and you're on a tuna fishing expedition (along with other pelagic species) and you find your spot along the rail or deck and fish for whatever species that time of day is offering. That could limited fishing based on time of day, but it would be fun especially if you could leave the charter ship in your kayak and get pulled around by a big shark or tuna. 

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Love to see the Amazon and all it’s species. Love to see the Nile and the huge Nile perch and Goliath tiger fish. Mekong and the huge catfish and massive freshwater stingray. New Zealand and the massive rainbow and brown trout and really would love to see a little pond in Georgia with 22lb plus largemouth bass. Castaic lake would be cool but San Joaquin already in game if largemouth bass size was modified there then that would cover that. The United States and Canada has lots of options. I think any of the Great Lakes would be good addition as well. The Danube would be a real treat though goes through 7 countries would be great to catch a 400lb beluga and cry because you have to let it go. 

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