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13 hours ago, Slippyfish said:

Just do what my RL buddy did. Just tell her you don't mind if she gets a boyfriend, as long as he has a bass-boat xD 

Reckon that'd work... but I'll buy some new ammo...

Oh, honey! I bought the wrong ammo - now I'll have to buy a gun that shoots it... (This does not mean I intend to shoot her... she's got 40 years invested in me; and vice versa :D)

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On 9/7/2017 at 5:14 AM, Support Team said:

Just be patient. Boats are coming soon)

You've actually been saying this for months. What does "soon" mean in your mind? Webster defines it as "within a short period of time". I personally don't consider months to be a short period of time. Perhaps you should use a different word? Just a suggestion do try to avoid further frustration or the appearance of being deliberately vague.

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3 hours ago, Trulight said:

Soon aktorsyl, Just like when we said very soon / etc etc to topwater/night fishing.  So draw your conclusions from that :) 

Haha - I can't remember how soon before the update you said "very soon" :P But it does give the optimist in me a rough idea, thanks :)

One other question, I'm not sure if you can answer this yet - but will it be possible to hint at what the price ranges for the boats would be? So that we can start saving up, I mean. Would be really demoralising to realise you can't afford the new shiny things that an update delivers! But if we know what kind of expense to (roughly) expect, then we can plan some Michigan/Cali money runs before then.

Thanks for the updates, Trulight!


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