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Big Daddy




Casual Fishing, Competitions, & Tournament Qualifiers.

Looking for a hard to find fish, stop by and we will see what we can do to catch it.

I currently do not have a stream schedule, but will try to create one in the near future.


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Hi all!

I'm Jake Vegas from Jake Vegas Digital on YouTube.  I regularly upload Fishing Planet content and have quite a FP subscriber base due to this game.  Here is my channel link, if anyone wants to have a look:

Jake Vegas Digital

My videos are mainly "How To" videos, and can benefit newcomers to the game and those who are not anglers in reality.  To get an idea of what my Fishing Planet content entails, feel free to check out one of my more recent videos:




Thanks everyone!




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Name: PiedPiperX

Club: Solo

Platform: PC

Link to channel: https://www.twitch.tv/piedpiperx_/

What People will find(Tutorails, Comps/Tournaments, Fun) I don't really talk on my channel and mostly just stream to keep a record of the one that got away. The weird things I see. I do things like catch Chinook Salmon on bass gear or try to catch a blue catfish with 6lb line. 

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18 minutes ago, Placebo said:

Dearest devs of Fishing Planet! How will FP support the PS5 and dual sense? At this point there's no games coming out that make me want to buy the PS5 but if I know you'll be supporting it (imagine hooking and playing fish with the controller's haptic feedback!) I'd buy one day one :)


this game has difficulty supporting a normal controller, let alone an advanced controller on console.


Have you ever tried turning your character around.. feels like you have a neck brace on.

have you had your bait selection option stuck using the RB and stick. You can’t select another bait.

have u had your lure stuck, unable to cycle through and Change it. 

have you had the vibration  feature work, while playing on windows?


I can go on and on, but I am guessing the answer to all is ..no





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Not sure why you quoted that post in here!


But yeah of course I know there's a load of little annoyances/bugs, but on the flip side there's a lot of stuff in the game that's really awesome IMO, I've fished for over 40 years and I've been a gamer for that long as well and FP is easily the best fishing game I've played, there's great potential for a truly awesome PS5 version if they have the financial means to implement a lot of the additions/fixes we'd like to see.


As someone who has worked in game development for more than 15 years I can assure you funding when you're an indie developer is incredibly tough, wrong call in development and it's not just sales that are at risk it's paying off your mortgage or car loan etc. etc. etc.


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