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Just a question for the devs really.

So I'll played a lot on on PC before and also purchased a few dlc's and I already read that we can't crossover our profile but, as I now have very limited access to a PC I am now a ps4 player.

I am comes to terms with having to start from level 1 again I am just sad to have to play without and my hard earned/paid for gear. I was wondering if there was anything the devs could do to help?

Thanks in advance.

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Yes I did see, as I mentioned I have city me to terms with progress. Its actually been fun levelling up again. It initial point was more to do with losing my premium gear :( I spent quite a bit of money on it and admittedly was mostly to appreciate the work of the devs.

But still gutted to lose my much loved salmon rods. Especially when I don't have £50 odd lying around for the new one. 

But I guess I'll just have to be content that we got if for ps4 in the first place otherwise I wouldn't even be able to play at all :)

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