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Hooking bug continued


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On 9/15/2017 at 3:18 AM, Killerwhale said:

Happy to see we can minimize the problem. But we will try to fix it completely. Sorry for the inconvenience and rapid disconnections.

Really great to see you guys responding to the players!!! I fished some yest. and for a cpl hours earlier and it seemed alot better. I still have a few misses but it's gotten alot better. Still kicks me out sometimes as well, but that doesn't bother me as it starts me right back where I left off.

 Again appreciate you guys putting in work. I just hope you continue to do so and the game will do so well. It's great catching fish again just still gotta keep improving. Amazing game!!

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Again I fished for about an hour earlier today and it was fine for just that an hour. I was halfway through my 2nd day and fish started coming off when hooked with bait or lures. So I waited till aft.noon got back on and same thing. If I do manage to hook a fish it comes off. So I couldn't fish all day today. I am just fishing no comps. nothing.    

  Please fix!!! My internet speed is high, and I've tried private fishing as well. No fish!!! It's getting ridiculous!!! Wasted all my money traveling to a new area!!!

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