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Line durability

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1 hour ago, Icerunner45 said:

What % do you guys change out the line and does it have any effect on catching fish?


I can't remember, but does the line repair as well or does they have to be replaced?

It can't be repaired. I usually replace it at around 10%. As far as I know it has no effect if it's damaged (someone correct me if I'm wrong), but you don't want it to reach 0% and completely break during a fish fight.


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Yeah i don't think line snaps until 1%, I know that it probably won't stay this way, I'm sure as it wears the chance of it breaking will rise in the future
But as of right now it breaks at 0%

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When looking at (fishing) line in the shop the strength of the line is described as Test. The diameter indicates how thick the line is. Depending on which measuring system you are using (Metric or Imperial) you would be able to hold 100 nn of line that has diameter 10 n or 200 nn if the diameter was 20 n.  

When setting up a fishing outfit you should have the rod as the strongest part (the Line Weight highest figure), then the reels Max drag should be equal or less than the rods highest line weight figure, next the line Test should be equal or less than the reels max drag. If also using a leader then the test should less than the (main) lines test. Attention must also be paid to the Casting weight and Lure weight values of the rod as well when setting up.

In short:

Rod -> Reel -> Line (-> Leader if using a Feeder, Bottom or Carp setup).

Hope this helps. 

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