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I have one question? Dont know if its a bug or something i missed out.

Have Advanced Licences Missouri.

I got a Fisshut L.
That means weight up to 4.5kg/10lb as max single fish with total fish weight 20kg/44lb if i got it right? 
Was fishing catfish, channel and bullhead with small cutbait #2/0 hook. everything was fine with the smaller one but when i got the bigger one.

Why Could i not KEEP them into my net, 
Was up to between 2 - 3.5 kg.

Please help old man out. 

Second question, why had i only 25 min left for a competition when i entered it while it says 2 hours competition?
Dont understand it. when that time was over, i can see the competition is up for 1 hour and i cant "reenter" it.

Best Regards 
Confused lost fisher. =( 

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