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Wasn’t quite sure were to put this so the mods/devs can move if there’s a more appropriate section it would fit.

In real life along with my normal gear, I always carry a razor-sharp knife, My Springfield Armory .45 concealed and CCW of coarse and more importantly and to the point of this topic, a small notebook and pen. Comes in handy for notes regarding catch times, species, phone numbers of people met, etc.

It would be a cool inclusion built into the game to have a digital notebook for use on the individual lakes just to jot down lake/river info, fishing spots, lures used and such. Perhaps a sub feature to the maps maybe. For the time being and as a work around, I use the buoy marker to enter misc. info for the fish caught but that can be limiting for obvious reasons. However if I share the marker with a friend, all the info is there. The ability to share notes would be even cooler imo.

Just an idea and food for thought in future versions of the game. Thanks for reading🙄

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On 7/12/2018 at 2:31 AM, sm1thw1tz said:

I like this idea, as well.!

hopefully it gets some traction 

I probably should have put it in an area with a little more visibility. Oh well, maybe a mod will see it..

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