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Help needed to understand some things...


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Hey guys! I started playing a week or two ago and I absolutely love the game. Currently at level 15 and having the time of my life out there.
First off, I wanted to tell a short story of a boy who installed Fishing Planet, understood nothing about the reels and lines and stuff in english - he ended up spending all of his money, forcing him to grind Lone Star Lake for all eternity.

All jokes aside tho; I am broke and have to stay at Lone Star Lake. My problem here is that every Spotted Bass I get, I get fined for. I don't understand why that is since I see people catching them all the time without problems. Do I need the advanced fishing license for it, am I catching it with some illegal spinner? Please let me know, 'cause I'm sick of waiting for Smallmouth Buffalos for 15 minutes, or grinding White Crappies. You get the drift.

There are still huge parts of this game that confuses me and there seems to be so many of you out there that knows a lot, so I'm very thankful if I can get some more understanding.

Another thing I don't understand is sometimes when a fish actually gets on the spoon, I hook it and the bars sky rocket for three seconds - then I loose the fish. This seems to happen all the time for me at Lone Star Lake - why is that? When I actually hook a fish, do I wanna tap R2 real quick, or hold R2 down until I feel secure with him actually hooked?

Thank you so much in advance. I'm sure more questions will raise as time goes.

Thanks for a fantastic game and a nice community!

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2 minutes ago, themonk1992 said:

Hi, yes you do need th advanced lisence tha can be purchased at the shop.

Secondly there is a bug in game at the moment causing the hooking issue. So nothing you can do at the moment.

But the devs are working on it an should be fixed soon. Hope this helps 

Thank you so much! That's all I needed to know, really appreciate it!

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You can keep spotted bass, suggest never buying a Basic license (there are too many restrictions), instead always buy an Advanced license (1 day at a time will do) which will allow you to keep or release almost all the fish you catch (there are few which must always be released if you don't want to risk a fine).


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