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Bug Reporting Procedure


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Hey, dear angling community!


We work hard to provide you the best game experience and try to solve all of your problems promptly. In case you encountered an issue please shoot an e-mail to support@fishingplanet.com. As well you can contact the Support team directly in the game, SETTINGS tab, SUPPORT section.


Please make sure to include the following info when contacting the support team by e-mail:

  1. Username

  2. Platform (PS4, Steam)

  3. Date when the issue was encountered

  4. Problem description

  5. In-game equipment settings (if you experience any technical issues with rods, lures etc)


If the game crashed on PC send to support@fishingplanet.com a Player log file (c:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Fishing Planet LLC\Fishing Planet\Player.txt)


This will help us provide more fast and efficient support to all of you. Please note, that at the moment our support team works only with English.


Thanks and tight lines!

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