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Useful information for running Fishing Planet in Linux

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Fishing Planet runs well in Linux excepting a few small glitches.

File locations:

/home/<username>/.config/unity3d/Fishing Planet LLC/FishingPlanet/   or ~/.config/unity3d/Fishing Planet LLC/FishingPlanet/
This directory contains the preference file (prefs) and the log file (Player.log), when sending a bug report to the developers this is where you find the log file they will ask for.

Graphical issues:

If you have a blank screen or a bunch of graphical garbage on startup try:

  1. Right click on game in the steam library
  2. Properties
  3. Set Launch options
  4. Type "./FishingPlanet.x86_64 -screen-fullscreen 0 %command%"

      Edit the prefs file in the above directory to change;
<pref name="IsFullScreen" type="int">1</pref> to <pref name="IsFullScreen" type="int">0</pref>

Other than the graphical issue above the game has been stable for many hours of game play.

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