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Catch, Keep, Sell, Release

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some fish are just too good to let go. Some fish may be so massive you want to keep them or some just have a unique coloration that you find facinating. Regardless of the reason, what if you could but a nice wall aquarium for your favorite catches.
Breed the best fish, let them grow up, and release them to the wild for a load of experience or sell them for varied prices depending on their uniqueness and size.
In addition to your own nice sized aquarium, you can even purchase a plot of land and dig out your own personal catch and release pond, stream, or even an ecosystem.

Slowly upgrade your tank or pond with expensive materials ranging from carpet plants to exotic calcium rocks to really allow your fish to grow into their biggest sizes and most vibrant colorations. Show everyone your fish planet and all of the exotic variations of even the most basic fish in your crystal clear lake full of your best catches from halfway around the world.

But be careful, though a fish's behavior isn't totally predictable, some are known to be more aggressive and territorial than others so it may be wise to make sure they enough room to roam or there is a chance that one will become food. This means some fish have randomized personalities but most like to stick to the personality of their specific gene pool

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