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1."What is the garage icon for at the bottom of the Inventory page? Will this be for boat access and when can we expect boats to be launched?"

That’s right - the Garage will soon be the place from where you can access Boats. That’s exactly what we are currently working hard on and we plan to release this feature in the nearest future. Actually, we’ll share a video with you guys next week! Make sure to keep track of our news - it’ll be fun!

2. "Will we see traditional carp fishing features such as bite alarms, bottom bait fishing .E.G boilies. Also in combination with some British waters?. Thanks"

Right now, we are actively working on bottom fishing, feeders, as well as British and European waterways. We already finished a new aquatic complex in Great Britain called the Weeping Willow Lakes and are currently working on Dutch and German waterways. We’ll soon show you a sneak peak of the new location and + 40 European fish species. However, we plan to release all of these features (European ponds and Bottom fishing) together, as one complex update.

3."Are there any plans to do a port for Xbox one?"

We definitely have Xbox in plan and are currently busy with porting the game to this platform. At this time we can’t say anything about release dates, so keep track of our news and updates - we’ll be sure to let you know!

4.Would u consider legendary fish ? even bigger then the unique versions
Yes, we’re thinking about introducing Legendary Fish as a part of Quests or Game Missions.

5."Will you be adding quests and missions and more achievements(that are not related to tournaments) because at the moment if you're not interested in competitive fishing there's nothing to do other than just fish and after a while it's hard to stay enthusiastic about fishing when you have no goals"

We are thinking about adding Quests and Missions to the game, but at this point our key focus is centered on new core features, such as Boats and Bottom Fishing.

6." My main question is why baitcoins are now required for unlimited licences on all locations? Would much prefer if it was back to just credits/cash like how it used to be."

Unlimited Licenses are a premium feature. Skilled and experienced players can earn enough BaitCoins to buy an Unlimited License for their favorite location.

7. "Do you guys plan on adding new fishing locations on PS4 to catch fish like amberjacks , grouper, marlin? And also when will there be night fishing available on the PS4 version?"

We plan to add night and topwater fishing on PS4 by the end of this year. But we do not plan to release saltwater fishing in the near future.

8."When developing the bite behavior for the fish, food preferences, and general fight characteristics, which species did you guys find hardest to portray?"

At this point we had the most difficulties with behaviour tuning for all fish of the Salmon family, Trout in particular.

9. "Will there ever be a way to create your own lures? How many times I've wished I had a 3ft 5/0 lemon yellow crankbait or a 1.oz 3/0 rainbow spinner etc."

We have a Craft System in plan, that will allow you to create your own custom lures and baits. We plan to release an early version of this feature together with Bottom Fishing.

10. "Will ducks, deer, wildlife etc. ever be introduced into the game. It would help drastically with emersion and overall game experience."

We definitely plan to introduce wildlife to our waterways! Actually, we already added animals as a test feature a few times. For instance, there was a bear on Kaniq Creek last year...but he probably had enough salmon to eat and is currently sleeping in off in his lair;)
As a matter of fact, you can bump into an alligator while fishing right now! Have you met one?;)

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