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When will rod stands on boats be in game for PS4? I've read a few posts and the answer was always after new years. Post was in 2019 a new post was recent 2020 this month and dev replied after new years. Is there more of like a month and day it will be released on?

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1 hour ago, Aomurasakki said:

hello, the size of monster fish, ex rainbow outlaw; increase as days go by?

Not that I can see;

Fish Date Weight
Rainbow Outlaw 5/23/2020 19.987
Rainbow Outlaw 5/22/2020 19.844
Rainbow Outlaw 5/20/2020 19.790
Rainbow Outlaw 5/25/2020 19.639
Rainbow Outlaw 5/23/2020 19.225
Rainbow Outlaw 5/20/2020 18.926
Rainbow Outlaw 5/24/2020 18.737
Rainbow Outlaw 5/21/2020 18.587
Rainbow Outlaw 5/22/2020 18.540
Rainbow Outlaw 5/21/2020


That's the top 10. The lightest fish was caught on 5/25/2020.

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- Can we expect to see a crossplateform with PC and PS4/PS5 ? 

- Could we have a better vibration system in the game like for exemple strong vibrations on big fish and Unique ones or when the line is in the red and conversely very weak vibrations when the fish is small or is Likely to get drop out ? (Are you going to use the Haptic system of the Dualsense controller of the PS5 ? 

- Can we hope one day to see a fishing rod controller like the one released on Playstation 2 with the game Bass Master fishing ? That will be awesome ! 

Thank you very much for your awesome game ! 


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I know we have all been playing with it for a long time but why is the button layout on the PS4 always ignored when it'smentioned.Shortcut buttons for rod rest cannot be less ergonomic than it is at present and I still swear at it regularly.

Left button-Right rod

Middle button top-Left rod

Right button-Left middle rod

Middle button bottom-Right middle rod

I don't think there is a more confusing option possible?

Start with Left button Left rod and go clockwise and all will be simplified.

I know nothing will come of this but it feels like it was set up by somebody that plays on a PC with no feedback from PS4 users.

Love the game, best fishing sim out there, would be nice if you could reset challenges every few months to make all maps more inviting instead of only playing on the latest maps.

Looking forward to trying the Halloween challenge out this year which seems to be out on pc already, PS4???






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