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Reel that work with rods


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10 hours ago, NC1103 said:

Can you just make it so we can actually have reels and rods that WORK TOGETHER? How much money do i have to spend just to get a combo to catfish with that works? The menu is hard to navigate, and now after all these purchases none work together. FRUSTRATING!!!!!

Not clear what exactly is an issue you experience with. Be more specific and provide all details on support@fishingplanet.com

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Right, thank you, i know that. The issue is not a "bug". I also understand the concept of matching, but when you are on the store and have no way of knowing if this rod will work with this reel in the menu , then you buy it and put it together and find out it is not compatable. There has be an easier way to make sure before you purchase. I could go on about compatability issues from line to hooks and the like but if you play the game you know what Im talking about. It took me an hour just to try and get a spinning set up together to catch walleye.

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On 03/10/2017 at 9:44 PM, kardyAVC said:

@NC1103 there is no bug to report, simply you do not know how to balance a rod with reel and of course line,  pm your lvl and I will help to get a good balance between rod and reel.

This topic should be closed.

This has been posted on these forums before and it's been a massive help for me. It should do the same for you and anyone else having these issues.


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Granted this is a month old post, but one suggestion the devs can do, & should add, especially for new players, is to simply do this:


When you select a rod, per se, either to inspect, or purchase, or whatever, have either a popup, or some side information showing the recommended reels that go well with it(vice versa for reels showing recommended rods). Granted yes, this would take adding a good deal more in-game information, but it would eliminate a lot of issues, & people having to come post on the forums all the time. AGAIN, JUST A SUGGESTION.

Many of us of course either find out the hard way what works, or, come read on the forums first for information needed.


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