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  1. Freundschaftslisten - Probleme behoben Inventarkorrektur Tackle Load Indicator behoben Barrierefreiheit: Unterstützung für die Mauszeigersperre für Steam implementiert Steuerprobleme behoben Andere kleinere Bugfixes
  2. hi, when is the trolling mechanic expected to hit FP?
  3. We've new patch 3.5.5 today: Point 3 is very important! Anyone who wants can check it out today.
  4. So now I got Another update for The Fisherman. 4.85gb. I still dont know what the one on the 23rd of october did. I feel we could get patch notes on this site or ingame so we know what you guys fix. And after installing update I cant get into the game. Connection with server was lost error Edit again Now I have infinite loading screen.
  5. So I got a update on Xbox for Fisherman. What is the update for? Any patch notes?
  6. Yesterday everything was fine and today after update typical unique fish fight like e.g. Northern Pike becomes way harder. Other players also noticed it so what's going on since there is no info about changed to fish fights in patch notes?
  7. Custom competition one of the best thing they made! Am just wondering why they didn't release it?
  8. Hey dear anglers! In the current patch we have added new Christmas Giant's Tournament as well as an updated Christmas event, both of which will start on December 18th. More details are coming soon in the announcements. Also the following updates have been implemented: kayaks can be rented and used for travel in some competitions on the following waterways: Emerald Lake, White Moose Lake, San Joaquin Delta and partially Saint-Croix Lake. Please pay attention that same as before only fish caught from the shore scores in the competitions. Kayak competitions are in the development. new Kayak challenges new Night Fishing challenge Bug fix: line shaking when lying on steep slopes rod clicks during draw-in animation occasional line clicks when reeling in on high speed improved anchored kayak stability line physics improvements
  9. Hey guys! Happy to announce that a Major Update has arrived with cool new features and improvements, some of which you’ve been waiting a very long time for! So here’s a full overview of this update’s essential points, covering the new features as well as the redesign of some existing functions and giving insight on how it all works: 1. Navigation: depth map and markers. We added a navigation tablet showing a waterway map that you can use without leaving your fishing spot by simply pressing the button! This map will show detailed info on the bottom shape and depth of the initial waterway (Lone Star) as well as provide a general description for the bottom terrain of other rivers and lakes. Not only does this map make navigation easier, but it also allows you to leave Markers to highlight your latest fishing spots and add a corresponding description, as well as randomly mark places on the water surface with special Marker Buoys. But what’s even cooler is that you can share your Markers with friends! 2. Photo Mode. Now you can capture and share your moments of triumph with others by taking beautiful photos of yourself holding that trophy catch from different angles! Just press the button while you are still holding the fish and adjust the screen angle to your liking. You can also choose whether or not you want the fish stats to be displayed on your photo. The Photo Mode in this current iteration is a feature that only prepares the screen for a shot, allowing you to get a beautiful frozen frame of your catch, which you can take a picture of yourself - either by using an actual camera or by making a regular screenshot of your computer screen. We do plan to implement social network support with sharing options in the future, that will let you automatically take a in-game picture and post it to your social page. Photo Mode is available both for bank fishing and boat fishing. 3. Tackle Templates and Setups. Templates for your favorite tackle combos are finally here! Simply select a free slot in the Templates Menu to save the your current tackle set-up and reassemble it whenever you need with just one click! And you can even share your set-up Templates with friends! 4. Limited Home Storage and Inventory Expansion. Yep, guys. Now that we’re introducing a true-to-life limited Home Storage, you’re gonna have to manage your space by getting rid of excess junk that you’re used to carrying around! All the existing users will get enough storage slots for all their existing inventory so you won't be required to get any additional slots after the update. However you'll need to manage the inventory wisely not to run out of space in the future. But for those who still insist on more storage space, we’re adding a new option of Storage Boxes for inventory expansion that you can get as part of Packs or from the in-game Store under the new SERVICES tab. Later on, you’ll also be able to get Storage Boxes as prizes for various in-game activities. Please note that additional storage boxes go with each fishing Pack, so after purchasing one you'll automatically get all the storage slots you need for it. 5. Lure Buoyancy Fixed. Let’s look at the two main problems regarding lure buoyancy that existed up until now, and how we fixed them, in this simple BEFORE/AFTER overview: PROBLEM 1: The time it took lures to sink to the bottom. BEFORE: All lures regardless of their weight would sink at identical speed. Be it a 4-gram spinner or a 56 gram bass jig, they’d go down the same. AFTER: Now, just like in real life, a lure’s WEIGHT directly affects how fast it sinks. So now, it'll take more time for a light lure to go down than for a heavier one. PROBLEM 2: How the lures parted from the bottom on slow retrieves. BEFORE: Some lures would hardly take off the bottom when you made a retrieve using the first or second reeling speed. This would happen regardless of the lure’s weight. Heavy or light - they all behaved the same when you were making a retrieve, which of course wasn’t very realistic. AFTER: Now, most of the lures will be showing some action even at the slowest retrieve speed, with the lighter lures lifting off the bottom and having more buoyancy than the heavier ones. Awesome, right? 6. New Physics. Namely: 1) fishing line made more rigid 2) lure hydrodynamics improved 3) improved collision rendering 4) line tension and rod tip action improved upon lure hitting the bottom 5) effect of wind on the lure 7. Wind direction indicators and Cardinal Directions added. Now you know where True North is and which way the wind is blowing 8. New sounds. An extensive reworking of background sounds and the sound of wind added. 9. New Challenge for exploring added at every waterway. Enjoy exploring the game's waterways and their picturesque premises for a certain number of days in a row to complete all three stages of each challenge. 10. Changes to rule settings of competitions. We fine-tuned the rules for all competitions based on the maximum total fish weight in your Keepnet: Cheesy Cat, Yellow Perch Goldrush, Fly like a Butterfly Swim like a Bass, Sturgeon in the Dark, Big Red Fish. As of now, the size of your Keepnet no longer affects the result and all fish count, including the ones you let go. 11. Convenient Support Form. We added info on how to reach us, as well as a convenient support contact form directly from the game! You can access this new function from the Support tab in the Settings menu. In the future, we’ll make it possible to attach a screenshot to your support message. Please keep in mind, that the Support team’s reply will be sent to the email address you used upon registration.
  10. Hey anglers, current server patch includes several updates for the initial waterways: - Mudwater travel cost decreased by 30% - Channel Catfish biting improvement on Mudwater - Channel Catfish profitability increased by 30%
  11. Lembrando que não faço parte da Equipe de Moderação, apenas traduzi o post original: Ei, pescadores! o patch do servidor atual inclui várias atualizações para as localidades iniciais: - O custo das viagens ao Mudwater diminuiu 30%. - Paraiso dos Bagres: Melhoria de mordidas Mudwater. - Paraiso dos Bagres: A lucratividade dos bagres aumentou em 30%.
  12. Lembrando que não faço parte da Equipe de Moderação, apenas traduzi o post original: Ei, queridos pescadores! Desta vez, gostaríamos de lhe contar o Torneio mais importante do ano - o Tour dos Gigantes de Natal! Este evento não é sobre nenhum tipo particular de peixe, a regra chave aqui é: quanto maior, melhor ... e não estamos falando de peixes grandes... mas GIGANTES! Sim, estamos falando monstros super-enormes de tamanho de troféu: Trutas, Piques, Salmões, Burbujas, Peixinhos, Muskies, Bass, Gar, Snook, Dolly Varden ... a lista pode continuar! Não é o nome, e sim o tamanho que importa. Sim, esta é a grande liga, meninos e meninas e estamos fazendo alguma pesca pesada! Linhas esticadas! O Tour do Gigante do Natal será realizado de 19 de dezembro a 24 de dezembro, com o Registro a partir de 18 de dezembro, 24 horas antes do Primeiro Qualificador. O calendário do Torneio TGN é o seguinte: 18 de dezembro - Começa o registro para o torneio. 19 de dezembro - Classificatórias 1 na saída Snowy White Moose Lake no Canadá. 20 de dezembro - Classificatórias 2 no Lago Saint-Croix de Michigan. 21 de dezembro - Classificatórias 3 nos Everglades da Flórida. 23 de dezembro - Fase de semifinais no cais hipnotizante de Kaniq, no Alasca. 24 de dezembro - O Grand Finale no Delta San Joaquin da Califórnia. E para todos os meninos e garotas da grande liga, que estão à altura de aproveitar este desafio GIGANTE, o Papai Noel tem outro presente: o novo Pacote dos Gigantes de Natal! Este pacote exclusivo apresenta uma seleção completa do equipamento da edição CGT Tournament com enorme potencial para combinar o tamanho da ocasião! PlayStation4 Europa PlayStation4 América Evento de Natal na PS4 começará amanhã 19 de dezembro. Mais detalhes em breve - siga os anúncios. Também foram implementadas as seguintes atualizações: Os caiaques podem ser alugados e utilizados para viagens em algumas competições nos seguintes locais: Lago Emerald, Lago White Moose, Delta de San Joaquin e lago parcialmente Saint-Croix. Por favor, lembrem que, apenas os peixes capturados em terra nas competições serão contabilizados. As competições de caiaque estão em desenvolvimento. Novos desafios de caiaque. Novo desafio de pesca noturna. Correção de erro: Linha tremendo quando deitada em encostas íngremes. Clique na barra durante a animação. Cliques de linha ocasionais quando enrolam com alta velocidade. Estabilidade de caiaque ancorada melhorada. Melhorias de física de linha.
  13. Lembrando que não faço parte da Equipe de Moderação, apenas traduzi o post original: Ei, queridos pescadores! No patch atual, adicionamos o novo Torneio Gigante de Natal, bem como um evento de Natal atualizado, ambos iniciados em 18 de dezembro. Mais detalhes estão em breve nos anúncios. Também foram implementadas as seguintes atualizações: Os caiaques podem ser alugados e utilizados para viagens em algumas competições nas seguintes locais: Lago Emerald, Lago White Moose, Delta de San Joaquin e parcialmente no lago Saint-Croix. Por favor, fique atento que, apenas os peixes capturados nas contagens da costa nas competições. As competições de caiaque estão no desenvolvimento. Novos desafios de caiaque Novo desafio de pesca noturna Correção de erros: Linha tremendo quando deitada em encostas íngremes. Clique na barra durante a animação. Cliques de linha ocasionais quando enrolam com alta velocidade. Estabilidade de caiaque ancorada melhorada. Melhorias de física de linha.
  14. Lembrando que não faço parte da Equipe de Moderação, apenas traduzi o post original: Heeey, pescadores! Estamos entusiasmados em contar-lhe sobre a nossa mais recente e aguardada atualização com incríveis novos recursos, incluindo caiaques, pesca de superfície, pesca noturna, bem como novas físicas de linhas e iscas! Nós também adicionamos TRÊS novas espécies de peixes e 8 novas competições de Pesca de superfície & noturna! (Pacotes Novos com Caiaques e Pesca de superfície & noturna estarão disponíveis após as 10am PST na loja PSN americana e depois das 12:00am UTC na loja PSN européia.) Você pode pegar agora mesmo um caiaque, e sair para pescar de barco em qualquer um desses 5 lugares navegáveis: Emerald Falcon White Moose Lake Lake Saint Croix San Joaquin Delta Ícones de botes foram adicionados em mapas locais, então você sabe onde os caiaques estão nos lagos navegáveis. Outra coisa legal que o aguarda, é um monte de novos pontos de acesso à água no Emerald Lake, White Moose Lakes, Saint Croix e San Joaquin! Isso significa um novo olhar para seus lagos favoritos e novos lugares para explorar e partir com o seu caiaque! Além disso, adicionamos TRÊS novas espécies de peixes! Agora você pode pegar: Sauger no Emerald Lake; Muskie claro em Saint Croix, Lake Whitefish em White Moose Lake! Pesca de Superfície: Criamos novas iscas de pesca de superfice: Walkers, Poppers e Frogs. Duas novas recuperações adicionadas: Popping and Walking. Pesca noturna: Mudanças nas licenças de pesca: a pesca noturna é permitida somente com licenças avançadas. Mudanças feitas para a mudança entre os dias de pesca: sua captura no cesto (saburá) é vendida às 5 da manhã todas as manhãs seguintes. Isso significa que você pode continuar a pescar durante toda a noite! Novos gráficos de atividade de peixes para a noite adicionados. Novo equipamento para pesca no escuro: varas com pontas fluorescentes, que permitem ver a fisgada do peixe, mesmo na escuridão total! Nós também adicionamos iscas holográficas de diferentes pesos e tamanhos: Cranks luminescentes e brilho nas atrações escuras e suaves: Craws, Worms e Shads. Uma seleção mais ampla de boias fluorescentes: agora adicionam-se boias finas e em forma de pera. Novo boné de pesca exclusivo com lanterna que você pode obter para completar o novo desafio "Night Shift". 8 novas competições para adicionar mais emoções e uma campanha competitiva para Pesca de Superfície & Noturna: Moonlight Gars Dancing with Pike Cats 'n Nightcatchers Muskie Topping Sturgeon in the Dark Steelhead Showdown Midnight Salmon Galore Kaniq Topwater Rodeo Todos esses novos e eventos competitivos são, naturalmente, baseados em diferentes espécies de peixes - de Gars para Esturjão - que vocês podem capturar durante a noite ou usando exclusivamente técnicas equipamentos de superfície! Você pode testar suas habilidades nos seguintes locais: Delta de San Joaquin, Lago Saint-Croix, Angra Kaniq, Lago Quanchkin. Na próxima atualização, sera incluída o novo equipamento de pesca de superfície e noturna profissional da X-SERIES ™ - que você só pode obter como uma recompensa bem ganhada por suas conquistas de pesca no jogo, por exemplo, ganhando nas Competições! Diversos Nova animação para o indicador de isca subaquática. Adicionou-se nova vara Ardix e o molinete LineGlider. Mudanças de requisitos de nível feitas para as varas Brutus, bem como carretilhas da série Hornet Swarm e Espira DoublePunch. O sistema de recolhimento foi reformulado. A última vara selecionada agora é salva. A altura da boia de cada vara será salva durante a sessão da lagoa também. O último equipamento selecionado no inventário será automaticamente o equipamento ativo no jogo quando você deixar o inventário. A seleção automática da primeira vara equipada quando usada pela última vez foi descontinuada.
  15. Hey guys. I know I have given my fair share of criticisms of this game, but I should also give credit where it's due. This new update was a complete game changer, and the shot in the arm that it really needed for the PS4 platform. I am enjoying nearly every new aspect added in the patch. The new physics overall make for a much smoother experience. The lure/float indicator works much more smoothly than before. Fighting fish seems much more fluid as opposed to how choppy and jerky it felt before. Large minnows swim around properly now, like shiners did pre-patch. These are just existing things I've noticed that they improved. Regarding the new additions, I'm loving it. We have new fish to catch, with new ways to catch them. I'm really loving the new topwater. They've also added new challenges and competitions(hopefully tournaments soon). It's definitely given new things to work for, which is what we really needed as the same old things became a bit monotonous. The new kayaks have turned the game into something almost entirely new. It gives players much more access to previously hard to reach areas. Not to mention night fishing. It's awesome to be able to take advantage of the time we were previously losing by not being able to fish past 9pm. That alone is amazing, but it also gives a whole new experience and feel. The ability to zoom in on your float is something else that I really enjoy. I'm thoroughly impressed with what they've done here. I do have a few criticisms still, but overall, it's fantastic. The Scarecrow Hat is still showing improperly. It has a giant pixelated spike that comes out of the brim and goes across the entire map. I also cannot cast anything as far as I used to. For example, the Brutus used to cast 130-134ft max distance. Now it only casts 126-130ft max distance. My Loki with a 1 1/2oz medium spoon used to cast 221 feet. Now it only casts around 210-215. Shortly after the patch I did lose a new topwater baitcoin lure due to a game freeze, but the support team replaced it in less than 24 hours(great response time which I was very pleased with). The new menu is a bit more difficult to navigate, such as choosing pegs, or friends/rooms to join etc. Another thing I've noticed that is a bit problematic is how long it takes for crankbaits to dive now. It also seems more difficult if not impossible to bounce them off the bottom, which was a technique I employed quite often pre-patch. Also, it's very difficult to keep a line taught using baits like Cutbait, thus making it almost impossible to "twitch" the bait to enduce a strike like you could previously. I find myself trying to tighten the line by reeling in to twitch the bait, but pulling it out of the range even on reel speed 1. One other thing that I would like to see employed in the future, is the addition of single kayaks able to be purchased from the in game store for baitcoins. It would definitely make it easier for people to purchase them that can't afford to buy the entire kayak pack. Not to mention, they would make more money. People would still buy the kayak pack, but in addition people would buy the single ones too. Heavier topwater baits would be really nice as well. 1oz and larger to use on the heavier rigs. I know it sounds like I'm criticising a lot, but don't misunderstand me. Constructive criticisms should be given to help improve the game, as well as praise is deserved when they do things right. I would like to thank the developers for the work that was put into this update. It's fantastic, and the pros far outweigh the cons. Keep up the good work guys! Tight Lines!
  16. Hooray, anglers! We’re thrilled to tell you about our most recent and much awaited update with amazing new features, including KAYAKS, TOPWATER and NIGHTFISHING, as well as new line and lure physics! We have also added THREE new fish species and 8 new Topwater and Nightfishing Competitions! (New Packs with Kayaks and Topwater and Nightfishing tackle will be available after 10am PST in American PSN Store and after 12am UTC in European PSN Store.) Main highlights Boat Fishing You can rent a kayak right now and head boat fishing on either of these 5 waterways: Emerald Falcon White Moose Lake Lake Saint Croix San Joaquin Delta Boat pins have been added on local maps, so you know where kayaks are on the waterways. Another cool thing that awaits you is lots of new water access points on Emerald Lake, White Moose Lakes, Saint Croix and San Joaquin! This means a fresh look at your favorite waterways and new places to explore and set off with your kayak from! THREE new fish species! Now you can catch: Sauger on Emerald Lake, Clear Muskie on Saint Croix, Lake Whitefish on White Moose Lake! Topwater : We created new topwater fishing lures: Walkers, Poppers and Frogs. Two new retrieves added: Popping and Walking. Substantial changes to line and lure physics. Night Fishing: Changes to fishing Licenses: Night Fishing is permitted only with Advanced Licenses. Changes made to the shift between fishing days: your catch in the fishkeeper is sold at 5 a.m. every next morning. This means you can keep fishing all night long! New fish activity charts for nighttime added. New tackle for fishing in the dark: rods with fluorescent tips, that let you see the fish bite even in total darkness! We also added holographic lures of different weights snd sizes: luminescent Cranks and glow in the dark soft lures: Craws, Worms and Shads. A wider selection of glow-in-the-dark floats: now slim and pear-shaped floats added. New unique fishing cap with flashlight that you can get for completing the new "Night Shift" challenge. 8 new Competitions to add more thrills and competitive drive to Topwater and Night Fishing: Moonlight Gars Dancing with Pike Cats 'n Nightcatchers Muskie Topping Sturgeon in the Dark Steelhead Showdown Midnight Salmon Galore Kaniq Topwater Rodeo All of these new cool competitive events are of course based on different fish species - from Gars to Sturgeon - that you have to catch either at nighttime or using exclusively topwater techniques and tackle! You can test your skills on the following waterways: San Joaquin Delta, Saint-Croix Lake, Kaniq Creek, Quanchkin Lake. The next update is new topwater and nightfishing lures were added to the X-SERIES™ professional tackle line - that you can only obtain as a well-earned reward for your in-game fishing achievements, like winning in the Competitions! Miscellaneous New animation for underwater lure indicator. New Ardix match rod and LineGlider spinning reel added. Level requirement changes made for Brutus rods as well as reels of Hornet Swarm and Espira DoublePunch series. Retrieves system has been reworked. Last selected rod now is saved. Pitching flag for each floating rod will be saved during pond session as well. Last selected in inventory rod will be automatically taken in game when you leave inventory Auto selecting first equipped rod when last used was disassembled
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